Giambattista Valli Paris captures the essence of two iconic cities, seamlessly blending the magnificent eclectic and relaxed charm of the Roman “Città Eterna” with the contrasting free spirit and introspective nature of the Parisian “Ville Lumière“. This duality forms the unique DNA of Giambattista Valli Paris, characterized by tension and electrifying contrasts.

It merges the spontaneous and the sophisticated. It is effortlessly extraordinary and rooted in the present. It does not strive for forced modernity, but rather for a balance of culture from the past and a vision of the future full of nuances.

It reflects in the multitude of inspirations, through unique signature designs and fabrics, such as flower prints, bows, tulle, macramé and embroideries.

Timeless and ageless are more than just words to Giambattista Valli: they are the guiding philosophy of the Maison. Giambattista Valli believes that style is a mental stance, transcending age and physical boundaries, suspended somewhere between the past and the present.

For Giambattista Valli, fashion is never about age; it is about dressing souls and empowering women.

Each creation seeks to celebrate the individuality and uniqueness of the wearer, giving her the confidence to embrace her true self. At Giambattista Valli, dressing a woman is not just a task but an art, a celebration of femininity in all its forms.

Revealing the Valli woman state of mind: uninhibited, nomadic, free spirit, uncontrived, witty, sensual and a risk-taker at heart.